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Easter Basket Tulips

This Easter Basket of Tulips is what I always set out every year on my Easter Table. 

The wool tulips can be used year after year!

They don't have to be "planted" in an Easter Basket though.

They look pretty bunched together in a vase too!


If you look real close, you'll see that it's real grass growing in that basket!

Yes, indeed, I'll show you how to grow the grass too! 

It's SUPER easy and it's a fun activity to do with your kids and/or grandkids. 

But we'll start with the wool tulips.


Visit my webpage instructions for growing the real grass by CLICKING HERE

NOTE:  if you don't wish to mess with  growing grass for Easter Basket Tulips, you can try using the fake Easter grass that is used for Easter Baskets.



Wool Tulips For Easter Basket

Materials Needed:

 ** 2 1/2" x 5"   wool for each tulip   (The 100% hand-dyed wool bundles which includes enough wool to make 8 tulips may be found by CLICKING HERE )

** 1" x 6"    green wool for the leaves (for each tulip)

** Bamboo Skewers (I found a large pack of them at a Dollar Store)

** Cotton Balls or Polyester Fiberfil (for filling the inside of the tulip)

** Glue stick (for holding the tulip onto the bamboo skewer)

*****To view and print the Tulip shape that I use CLICK HERE  ***


1.  Cut 2 of each color tulip shape.  Either use the tulip shape that I show or draw your own.  Mine is approx 2 1/2" tall and 2 1/2" wide.  They can be made larger or smaller, if you wish

2.  Pin the two tulip shapes together.  Using 3 strands of floss that matches your wool color, blanket stitch around the outside edge of the tulip shape.  The top tulip points can be left unstitched.


3. Apply glue  to the top sides of the bamboo skewer.  Insert the skewer between the center stitches.  Press the wool onto the skewer so that the glue adheres.


4. Fold the green strip of wool in half.  Cut angles on both sides to form a "V" shaped angle.  This doesn't have to be perfect!


5.  Tie the green strip onto the bamboo skewer with just one single knot.  I leave the leaves as they are but if you want the leaves to stand straight up, you can run some stitches through the leaves to hold them up.


6.  Use a cotton ball or a cotton ball size of fiberfill for the filling.


If you wish, apply some glue onto the skewer to hold the leaf in place. 

I personally don't use it since I like to rearrange the leaves after they're planted into the basket. 

7. Insert the filling into the tulip cup and push down lightly so that the filling is compressed to form a nice tulip shape.


It's done!  So quick and easy and so so pretty in bunches! 




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